A t-shirt printing business? Honestly, this is way different from those you’ve probably seen and worn before. We aren’t making dozens of identical shirts; nor are we using all-in-one machines to do our unique printing, dying, and sewing. Think of it like portable artwork commissioned by you and hand-crafted by Pefff. Each piece is individually thought out and composed. The prices reflect the amount of time, energy, and materials involved in the process of creating your new favorite shirt. One might have a simple single print, whereas another could be hand-dyed & contain 30 prints, or maybe it has ultra-customization with different colored sleeves. Plain or intense, we hope you see something you like. Not all designs from the slideshow and archive are available in the shop, but we can certainly make one for you if you show interest.. pefff@lation.org
The Pefff Prints shop is divided into two categories:

Pick a design and get a shirt printed just for you.
Choose your own shirt color / ink color / shape / etc.

The one-of-one page has items we’ve already made.
Unique pieces, labeled by size and ready to ship.

We take our own photos, so don’t expect glamorously styled marketing shots, just pictures of friends or happy customers.

Postage and Handling is $5 per order domestic ground shipping, or free local pickup if you live in/near Iowa City.

Always trying to come up with new designs, bands get in touch!

Questions and love notes may be directed towards pefff@lation.org