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Mustard-In-Law “Born With A Yellow Spoon In Your Mouth”










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Mustard-In-Law at Gabe’s

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Mustard Mountain shirt

Mustard Mountain shirt.  Available in a variety of sizes and colors.
Inquiries:  jay.schleidt (gmail)



We still have some of these originals, ready to squish onto your body.
img_0292  14876233_1230359840356410_477664665_o

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Mustard-In-Law “Another One Bites the Mustard”

Another One Bites the Mustard – Side 1
Another One Bites the Mustard – Side 2

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film & performance

At 6pm on August 16, 2016, we hit record on the video camera and proceeded to film a battery of prepared visual stations without stopping the recording until the 30 minute mark. At 9pm, we arrived at the Governor’s Mansion and set up our sound equipment facing a blank wall. Using the projector on the camera, we splashed the recording from earlier onto the wall. All of the sound was improvised live while watching the film. The audience gathered behind us, able to see both the projection and what we were doing with our hands.

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Pfff! Monument to The Noise

Mustard-In-Law “Grey Poupon for Bing Bong” appears on the compilation “Pfff! Monument to The Noise” from Italian web-label, MAV Records.  Besides being full of genuinely profound vaporized audio, the cool thing about this release is that it does have a special physical edition.  There is a USB dead drop in Collegno, Italy, which houses the files, free to access by any passer-by.

The compilation can be heard and downloaded at: 13517688_628507653992774_1047783321281744710_o13517584_628507620659444_7648982169165710115_o

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Mustard-In-Law at
Breast Imaging Center

Played at BIC & made a tape.

IMG_2106 IMG_2109

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Mustard-In-Law tape/shirt/show

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.51.16 PM

Mustard-In-Law is Jay Schleidt &  Tyler “Watermellon Man” Luetkehans.
We performed at Governor’s Mansion. The shirts are printed with mustard.


Each tape contains 30 minutes of sound, starting at a random spot within a playlist of improvised recordings..

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.51.32 PM
Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.52.22 PM
Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.51.54 PM
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