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ARU – DPV3.5 cd&12″


A collection of tracks and collaborations by ARU.
Two tracks on this supernatural record are pieces I helped craft.
(“Unconventional Visage” & “Prepare Yourself for Europe”)
Released by CAPTCHA Records, available on CD, digital, and VINYL!

Also, I made videos for two tracks from this album…

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Velvet Glacier / Abe Undent 12″ “If We Don’t, Remember Me”

This is my first ever vinyl recording!
Released in beautiful embossed jackets on randomly colored vinyl by Nutritional Content (AUS). It is a split 12 inch between Montreal’s Velvet Glacier and my solo project Abe Undent. I chose the name Abe Undent due to my method of creating the sounds; I am collaging the material from an abundant amount of my home recordings.

velvet abe  if we don't, remember me

12"abe undent 12" 12" 12"   12" 12"12"

This record was mastered by DPRVTY, seen here admiring his work.

DPRVTY with 12"

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