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Osmotic Radiance

Public Space One’s art auction this year was Osmotic Radiance.

I contributed this glassy resin paint petal piece..
and instead of Mustard-In-Law’s annual tape box set, we made a special VHS tape..
and the auction was exhibited in Film Scene’s very long windowfront..
and Mustard-In-Law performed virtually for the closing reception!

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collaged acrylic on polyester film

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square mail

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Mandatory Minimum Seance

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DVD – Victor Cayro
+ Mustard-In-Law

!!!!!BUY IT HERE!!!!!

This is a DVD of four collaborative performances between Mustard-In-Law and acclaimed comic artist Victor Cayro, who just so happens to have a thing about pouring mustard on himself! It was an ambitious project, editing this disc. The laughter squeezed from those who see it leaves them paralyzed in spastic chortles. Eventually, I overcame the potency and was able to weave audience members’ footage onto our own to achieve more perspectives on each glorious drizzle. Bonus menu includes a slideshow of art from Victor’s HAVE SEX exhibit, which is where one of these performances occurred. Cover art and handwriting by the living mustard himself, Victor Cayro. Released by Dubuque label Personal Archives.

!!!!!BUY IT HERE!!!!!

Here’s a great review from someone who saw one of these mustard shows…

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Sweet 16

Public Space One turned sixteen and held their annual art auction. This is Mustard-In-Law’s submission. 16 sprawling tracks (3.5 hours) on three clear tapes & an infinite LOOP tape, dedicated to your quest for small ‘a’ art. Compiled by Tyler for our favorite art spot, with original collage cover by Jay.

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Flourishing Habits

The Blick Iowa City staff was invited to exhibit at St. Ambrose University, in Davenport, Iowa….

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some collages

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Lation Vibes @ Liquid Smoke

Lation showcase at Liquid Smoke cigar bar  Murfreesboro Art Crawl on the town square.

These are related screenshots, for I was unable to attend.

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PATV Underground //

Iowa City’s Public Access Television Station, PATV, asked me to exhibit some work for their monthly event, PATV Underground.  My CAT SHOW went up on the first day of the Iowa ArtsFest, and displayed until the end of June. 

At the gig, Mustard-In-Law performed in the TV studio, in front of an audience, and live streaming on PATV’s YouTube channel.  We played with a green screen behind us, and brought an appropriate video to key in….


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Once again, our beloved PublicSpaceOne called on the doers of do to raise funds with an art auction, and Mustard-In-Law dripped up to the plate with a six tape box set.

We provided a listening station and easy access to the contents.
The booklet was six feet long!

Although the physical release went to the highest bidder, you can download the entire 9-hours (!) of audio, along with high-quality beeps of the super-long booklets at this link here:   Any money made from these downloads goes straight to PS1, to keep small a art alive in our town.
Listen & weep……………………………………………

Also, I sold this glistening painting of mine.

The winner now knows everything we know, may they live forever in mustard.


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more cat paintings

turned this one into my business card

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Do not force eyelids open.

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the fear of life

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a few small pieces

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look who’s not talking now

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caption bee farts

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monoprinting afternoon

Today I did some simple monoprints.  On blue paper, I used only the inking brayer to find the textures I craved.  Then I used a thoughtlessly carved linoleum block as the impetus for an exciting pattern.


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tube prints

These were produced by rolling a large tube along a styrene sheet strewn with blobs of paint, then rolling the paint covered tube onto paper.  The first two have further embellishments, the rest are unadulterated.

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Ink a Nica

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Inktober 2017

Inktober is an annual daily endurance practice experiment involving ink.
Here are some of the things I made this month.

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