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Dog Mansion Fest

DogMansionArtShowpanoramaDisplayed 100 pieces at Dog Mansion Fest, a 3 day music performance house party.

DogMansionArtShow6 DogMansionArtShow4 DogMansionArtShow2

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Blurring the Edges

Exhibition of 42 international artists at Dubuque Area Artists Collective.
I have 4 pieces in the show, up throughout April, 2015.  904 Main, DBQ, IA. 10604598_797818656963807_3567206358786514034_oJaySchleidtWorks at Blurring the Edgesgetthis  monplortanuaBlurring the Edges

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HABA Salon exhibit


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Intermedia Showcase

Tom Buckholz: visual // Jay Schleidt: audio // Brock Muench: sweeper


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Surrealism & Storytelling exhibit

I/OWAR performed at the Dubuque Area Arts Collective’s exhibit “Surrealism and Storytelling”.



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Salon 4 hour Live Mural










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How Do You PS1?

How do you PS1? is an open house for the area’s most mysterious arts, music, production, and presentation venue. You can expect: open studios for our resident artists, inflatables from our public projects team, information dispersed about how the community can utilize our enigmatic structure (ANSWERS!) as well as our traditionally untraditional entertainment standards such as comedy improv from Paperback Rhino (a 20 minute teaser set at 8pm!), an audio/video installation from Jay Schleidt & Tom Buckholz, a closing reception for So Young Gupton’s hope•less installation, and some cardistry from JR Martins. Part fundraiser (we may ask for a buck or two), part information fair. All celebration.


Didn’t get a picture or recording during our installation.
\This shot was taken afterward, while JR was doing cardistry.

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Blick Window Show

A window exhibit of artworks by Iowa City Blick employees.


Mine are the three on the top left side.


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Neoteric Artists Show


A collection of emerging artists displayed and sold their work at the Old Brick Church in Iowa City. In addition to showing off some of my latest acrylic paintings, I exhibited a selected discography of releases featuring my sounds and/or my album artwork: cassettes, cds, records, VHS tapes, DVDs, floppy disks.





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Darkslide II: skateboard art show

This skateboard art is many tiny pictures collaged like fish scales.


My buds Flannel Season performed.


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Darkslide Skateboard Art Show

My piece in The Darkslide, an exhibition of skateboard art from many Dubuque and Iowa City artists at Eronel, in Dubuque.

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Benchmarks 2.0

This summer I was on a team of local artists responsible for transforming downtown benches into new public art.  This multi-month project involved loads of community collaboration with all sorts of Iowa City people young and old, artist and non-artist.  We took the various ideas presented to us and applied them in ways which emphasized individuality within a framework of cohesion. A news article about the project: During the process, we created an incredible standalone art workbook for generating new ideas.  Please use it for your own purposes, it can be viewed/downloaded HERE.

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Heidi Van Wieren shirt

A series of 50 shirts for “I Dream in Delft” an exhibit of paintings by Heidi Van Wieren.

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T.Rust flyer & exhibit

Videos and art exhibit by Dana T & Jay Schleidt.
Live music by T.Rust, Megan B, Nora Petran, & The Men from… BEYOND!!

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projection at The Technicolor Union’s APOCALYPTIC Holiday FOON Variety Show

I made a projection for The Technicolor Union’s APOCALYPTIC Holiday FOON Variety Show at PS1 in ICIA.

Here is the entire hour-long silent film….

Here is a video tour of the event and an interview with the band.

(from PS1 youtube)

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The John Holmes Prick Parade

Emily Moran Barwick provided artists with plaster replicas of a John Holmes dildo.
The resulting modified cocks were displayed at the Drewlowe Gallery (University of Iowa).

Mine and Ally’s piece, “Justice Uda Nihm”

More pictures, information, and media response may be found at

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Editions of You (Oxford)

Some of my packaged releases are on display at this amazing exhibit in Oxford, England.

More info and pics :

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Allison Prideaux exhibit / Talonescu performance

November 18th, 2010 at the White Lightning Wherehouse in Iowa City……
(flyers by Yobleart)

(flyer by Jay Schleidt)

Allison Prideaux exhibited some of her artwork (of which I was a collaborator on a few pieces), id m theft able relished us with a breathtaking monologuous improvisational stupefying ode to his newly deceased dog, Phil Ochs did four guitar songs as Star City, and Talonescu did some short triangulated-amp pieces (that’s Point From Rooftops, Yobleart, and myself).  Here are the only pictures and recordings we were able to get before the batteries died……

id m theft able box of sound

Talonescu 1
Talonescu 2
Talonescu 3
Talonescu 4
Talonescu 5

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Obl. Obsc.

video i made for

Cheat Codes: lessons in love
A video art show curated by
Amelia Winger-Bearskin

Antena Gallery Chicago
and Vanderbilt University Nashville
January 8 – February 6, 2010

A lesson in love [or, a cheat code] is a key sequence, password, or series of steps to be entered within a video art work that will provide the player some object, ability, or access to a level or location within the game that is secret, hidden, or that would have otherwise been unobtainable or unavailable to the viewer

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Zine A Day

Every day in 2008 some friends and I constructed a zine.  Usually this entailed a booklet a few pages in length of collage art or some other sort of creation.  We started the project with the idea that being a leap year, 2008 had an extra day, an extra reason to express ourselves and explore new avenues of what is or what isn’t.  Take a stroll through the archives and check out what we were doing on your birthday a few years ago.


We had a few public exhibits at various locations: the University of Iowa’s Blank Honor’s Center; HOUSE HOUSE in Murfreesboro, TN; Home Cooked Art Show at the Glory Hole house in Iowa City; the back porch of Andolini’s Pizza place in Charleston, SC; Arts Iowa City Underground; White Rabbit, IC,IA.

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Zine A Day 071308 (BigS.A.D.s live at HOUSE HOUSE)

BigSad first ever performance

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Clothespins Show

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This was created by request for the OPSU Spring Formal for the Arts.

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