Live Free & Improvise Free-er

Curt Oren has a monthly improvisational evening at the Trumpet Blossom, in Iowa City. He asked I/OWAR to do some improvised projections at the October event.


The Iowa City FREE Improvised Art Series is back for the third installment, with all new improvisers including some fantastic musicians from OUT OF TOWN.

Opening the performances will be a saxophone trio consisting of series curator and local drunken cheese eater Curt Oren, area legend/wolfman Pete Balestrieri and Topher Dunlap, resident of Schmidt Artist Lofts in St. Paul, Minnesota.

While this music is being performed, Sean Thomas Boyt, Iowa City dancer extraordinaire, will be improvising choreography on the Trumpet Blossom stage.

Next the volume gets turned up as Joe Heurmann, Kyle Arthur Miller, and Cory Healey join forces to join your eardrums to your stomach. Cory is a world class (literally, if you only count North America and Europe!) drummer out of Minneapolis, and has played extensively in the Free Jazz scenes of New York City, Chicago, and the Twin Cities. Some of his most recent gigs include playing a teen beauty pageant and monster truck rally with country/western band The Farmer’s Daughters

While all of this is happening, Jay Schleidt and friends will be performing completely improvised video projections all over the walls of Trumpet Blossom, creating a complete aural/visual experience wherever you’re seated. Prepare yourselves.

This is going to be an experience unlike any other, and will never be repeated again!!!! Come see what the Iowa City arts scene is capable of in the best venue in town, FOR FREE.

Speaking of free, did you know gas is very expensive, the Twin Cities are far away, and Cory and Topher are both full time gigging musicians that deserve to be paid well for their amazing work? We’ll be passing a donation jar around to help them make this trip financially viable, as well as to thank them for sharing their music with us! $5 would go so much farther than you think to help them keep doing their thing, and would be very, very appreciated.


p.s in order to keep this event all ages, it MUST be done before 10, which means we’re starting this on time whether you show up or not! SO SHOW UP ON TIME.

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