How Do You PS1?

How do you PS1? is an open house for the area’s most mysterious arts, music, production, and presentation venue. You can expect: open studios for our resident artists, inflatables from our public projects team, information dispersed about how the community can utilize our enigmatic structure (ANSWERS!) as well as our traditionally untraditional entertainment standards such as comedy improv from Paperback Rhino (a 20 minute teaser set at 8pm!), an audio/video installation from Jay Schleidt & Tom Buckholz, a closing reception for So Young Gupton’s hope•less installation, and some cardistry from JR Martins. Part fundraiser (we may ask for a buck or two), part information fair. All celebration.


Didn’t get a picture or recording during our installation.
\This shot was taken afterward, while JR was doing cardistry.

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