‘Otherness’ film

Film by César Naves. Sounds by 185668232, Alien Sea Fume, Attila777, Brownian Motion, César Naves, Corazzata Valdemone, Corroded Master, Frozen Memory, Ganglion_Cyst, Halluciphile, Iky Iky, Lezet, Marax, Mousey The Elephant, Nos Project, Oni Oba, Otto Von Rhinau, Problem Anderer Leute, Psycoton, Rafael Gonzalez, Raven, Ronny Waernes, The Implicit Order, Third I, Tommaso Busatto, Trans Atlantic Rage, & Zreen Toyz. This project was put together by noisecommunity.webs.com/, and released by the Effluvia Recordings netlabel.

(My 16 second Oni Oba track “Squirrel Council” can be heard starting at 15:57.)

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