Allison Prideaux exhibit / Talonescu performance

November 18th, 2010 at the White Lightning Wherehouse in Iowa City……
(flyers by Yobleart)

(flyer by Jay Schleidt)

Allison Prideaux exhibited some of her artwork (of which I was a collaborator on a few pieces), id m theft able relished us with a breathtaking monologuous improvisational stupefying ode to his newly deceased dog, Phil Ochs did four guitar songs as Star City, and Talonescu did some short triangulated-amp pieces (that’s Point From Rooftops, Yobleart, and myself).  Here are the only pictures and recordings we were able to get before the batteries died……

id m theft able box of sound

Talonescu 1
Talonescu 2
Talonescu 3
Talonescu 4
Talonescu 5

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