A Pairing in Disorder

A Pairing In Disorder – compilation

60 artist double cassette compilation home designed, handmade, and screenprinted by Allison Prideaux & Jay Schleidt.

Facetious Past "Disscoushin 1″
Endless Endless Endless "So I”
Ember Schrag "Columnar Paper”
hyper fighting "pulled & parted”
7YM "What Were You Doing Upstairs?”
The Men From…BEYOND!! "Silver Son Setting”
Bicycle Sighs "Songbirds”
NEDOLZHNO "Let No Man Steal Your Thyme”
No One Conquered, Wyoming "SPLITFOOT”
Moscovich Meets the Fug "Candy Bollard”
Killian Lord "anthony’s song”
Cocoon "Colloidal Field”
Eloine "Compulsion Fog 12-31-2009″
color rabbit "Noon on Neptune”
Gigantic Blonde Boy "That must be the grand canyon”

Terror’ish "mid 90’s spaz masters”
Bev Beverly "we know”
Whip Cream Wars "Ladamens”
Alexander Kibanov & Norihito Kodama "Rain”
Goldwater Marmalaid "Parades”
Aisle "White Punks on Soap”
BeRock "FunkEclipse”
lazy magnet "fury of gargamel”
Headless Kamikaze "Milgram Experiment”
calves "famous horse and rider”
Sensible Nectar "Measured Times Call For Timed Desperations”
the boom boom booms "choppin'”
Ghost in My Veins "Quantum”
Benny, the Church Mouse "Close To the Chess”
Illnathix "Nintendocore Riot On Noname Streets Of Noname World”
Yana ft DJ Dozibrion "Banana Split Identity Crisis”

larvaloo "where good things go to die”
ARU "sessuk”
Christian Von Sponheim "our belief”
Kenji Siratori "Kitsutsuki”
Rigor Mortis Clitaurus "ghost cut”
BrownSwarm "secret stunna”
Big Drum in the Sky Religion "Amazing Grace”
Inappropriate King Live "Board Book And Blanket”
Gaybomb "fuck flag”
Earth Incubator "dance, laser bitches”
Dino Felipe "Maryanne Amacher o1 (for Maryanne Amacher)”
sobou shuu "Jonny-cinco”
snma "Oni”

Fair Conditioner "bottom barrel havoc (alternate)”
bonus beast "power to the people”
Children’s Prison "Take off your cape”
beatfag "may cause power discolorations”
Geoffrey Sexton "A Relinquishment Among Men”
Boywithmanhead "What did he say?”
el diablos bloncos "Southern Baptist snake revival”
Sparkling Wide Pressure "A Key”
Invading Soundtrack "Abscrete Antiquation(s)”
Inhibitionists "paisley rain”
core of the coalman "victoriafalls”
The C.J. Boyd Sexxxtet "floodgates”
Edit Presley "Mere Static (re-dub)”
Big Sad and The Creepy Shits "Nut In Comp Hairs”

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