atlatl floppy disks

atlatl was a recordings label I began with Yobleart to release material from sound artists on obsolete media such as floppy disks and microcassettes.  The floppy disks usually contained a webpage format, with audio and visual elements designed to complement each other.

The content of each release is available as a zip file; download and unzip, then open the .htm file.
*Since these were created in 2006, the archaic coding might not withstand today’s computer magic.  No promises that it will work for you.  **Jerserf Wheet “Oxygen” is a flash file, and should be visible below if you have flash enabled.

The Dead Hippies: Peter Stole the Water

Patrick Bartmess: Gunglefuss

Mike Khoury & Piotr Michalowski: For Charlotte Moorman


Joely-O: Foresting

Jerserf Wheet: Oxygen


Dereck Higgins: Briskette Dust
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