The Optima Project

“Lake” Optima is a failed dam and lake project by the Oklahoma Parks Department. I used to go there and find turtle shells while my uncle walked the dog. The Optima Project was a series of individually unique releases, each in a turtle shell. Inside the turtle shell is unreleased recordings, artwork, and shit like that.



Rygar Practice Tape

Sexplanation & Scheiße!
from these tapes

-Pulaski Fuck / Part II-2
-encyclopedia of pulaski trash / more beer and the girls suck
-(black electrical tape-cut)
-Pawtukitt / 666
-Jerhi G / Dorm #1
-S + S
-“I know who did it…” Dextromethorphantastic
-Dec. 4 1999
-Drone Don’t Drop
-Sexplanation und Scheiße!
-Octophobic Nightmare: Michael Lambert
-Bonzai #12

beatfag – evidentally nothing / forpermance – from one of a few



Second turtle in the Optima Project.

Included are:

snma – stuff tape of recordings from 5-97 to 4-03

Fslux – Found This microcassette


term toppily

third turtle in the Optima Project.


sexplanation und scheiße! – fromsome stuff

NYSILNYP: branf, butler, snma on-air performances

Yobleart – i do not know


beatfag – stimulation of the pink parts

Yobleart – field recordings from Brazil


set yur mot lure

turtle four of Optima Project.

snma -some recent and not


turidt lex

Optima #5.

IDX1274 -Footsteps Into the Unknown

10 3 inch CDr’s….28 page booklet, 10 pictures, petrified wood, 3 stickers, ladybugs, and a dead hummingbird.


tidur21 xtle47

for IDX1274

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