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FCR-82 Velvet Glacier / Devin Dart split EP

Velvet Glaciers smooths you down with 7 songs that form his “Hanging Out With My Friends” EP. Devin Dart follows it up with 3 cute meandering jammers dubbed “Wilds.”

2. Wild Child


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FCR-80 “See It In Color” split C18 by Devin Dart & Thunder Bunny

This tape is for summer, homie. These bright spots will getcha out on your porch or general front yard region with some cheap beer and your best friends. For real. Five tracks of total dusk-adventure-dream-pop to put you in the mood. Devin Dart bangs away on two tracks with a shimmering bridge of pure light between them. Thunder Bunny starts his side slow and gooey, and finishes with the pop epic “Simple Days,” 5 minutes plus of warm and fuzzy rock ‘n fucking roll. This shit is just lovely. You will want this for those romantic drunk nights that will soon be every night. March 2012, edition of 53

1. Devin Dart – Antennae Tongue

FCR-80 See It In Color

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FCR-77 The Men from . . . BEYOND!! “Monster Fuck” C8

That’s right mang, a new cassingle form the Men from . . .BEYOND!! to ring in thee new year. 4 tracks covering humanity at it’s best and worst. Live and die inside of this surf punk rocknroll machine, cuz that’s all there is left to do anymore dooder. Technically this was released on Nov 29th 2011 for a show with the ever-amazing Techno Lincoln and the Technicolor Union, but only just now made it to the page. Sorry I guess. Nov 2011, edition of 23, all tapes come with handmade cover art by Megan Leners

4. Custodial Surf

FCR-77 Monster Fuck

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FCR-76 Make Believe Bombs / Color Rabbit split C62

MBB / CRSome nightglow adventures await you on this near-hour-long ancient-astronaut art exhibit at your local tape deck or portable walkman. Make Believe Bombs spits out a single half-hour track to cover the first side, ranging from black-hole glittering rock sequences to brain melodies that float, to ambiance with loops in the emptiest space in the middle of all eternity. Ends hopeful and quiet / loud. Then, Color Rabbit comes in brimming with forever-optimism, more pop-oriented than usual maybe but still way into fun and improvisation, bringing a wide-eyed starry density overflowing with just . . . NICE ONE-ness. 8 solid tracks that alternately rock, build and grow from simple flute loop seeds, ice skate on the surface of your consciousness, and finally get you high and gently drop you back down to the ground. Wonderfull cup. The tapes themselves are painted in glow-in-the-dark paint and have full-color jcards and inserts, and, coupled with the larger volume than usual, explain the somewhat higher than usual prices I have listed. BUT IT’LL BE WORTH IT, this is a sweet and dank slab with some really varied styles. Hope you enjoy. Edition of 50, June 2011

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FCR-66 The Men from . . . BEYOND!! / The Big SADs split C13

Rock ‘n roll HYPERACTIVE OVERDRIVE, brutal straight-up barebone slayings from the Beyondmen with some tangled-ill beats from those SuperDinoWizards the Big SADs! Shit yes to this! Also, superfuckinglimited cuz Greyhound lost my baggage somehow which had most of these tapes. So treasure this. Edition of “25” July 2010. ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE “SWEET YEAH” VHS BOX COLLECTION!

The Men from . . . BEYOND!!
1. The problem with Mars children
The Big SADs

4. Cocker ing

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FCR-65 Thunder Bunny “This Hateful Thing” C62

The Thunder Bunny glides on glimmergold! Chris Padula from New Jersey crafted some lung-shaped rockers that breathe for you – ethereal and pixie-dusty, glossy-eyed and smiling huge and bathed in gray sunlight at the snowy beach with your bestest pals in the world. This huge collection boasts TWO COMPLETE EP’s with “. . . there is a gate” on side A and “The other children of this quickly passing winter” on side B. Each side has a new track as well, ya golddigger, you! Edition of 29 June 2010, sorry no downloads since other labels are sellin’ the stand-alone versions of each EP also! Can be found in the Sweet Yeah VHS Box as well

1. Paint a Golden Stick

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FCR-64 The Men from . . . BEYOND!! “The baddest one-chick hit squad that ever rolled into town” C13 (((1 LEFT)))

BANG ALL THE OLD WHITE DUDES N KILL THEIR COKED OUT WHORE WIVES, move to new town, REPEAT. The Men from . . . BEYOND!! are that shotgun blast bringin’ down Whitey, surfing through the air to shatter yo face, bitch ass. Edition of 25, June 2010

4. I wanna live

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FCR-63 A Poet Named Revolver “Live on WMTS” recycled tape

Now-defunct Tennessee sound band A Poet Named Revolver play five songs on WMTS in Murfreesboro, TN and bring it down home with some intense noises, folk-based in composition and instrument choice but going from heavy percussive rhythmic jamouts to quiet and hopeful and all the way back in the sphere of one damn SONG. Cerebral and immersive and versatile and just wonderful. Edition of 29, May 2010


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FCR-61 Make Believe Bombs / SPERMWHALES split C30 (+ some recycled tapes)

On Side A of this oil slide MBBombs carves some crafty sound spheres with driven melodic updrafts, some harnessed and controlled pretty keyboard loops, and a quietly sonic noisey outro. SPERMWHALES turns it around and keeps the vibes set to —–>Fresh Food Chill with gentle melodies flowin’ with the River of Alltime. Mammals in the skie, and dismantled bombs buried. ‘N just lookkit that pouch! Edition of 21, May 2010

2. F.E.B.

Reviewed here by some foxy folks

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FCR-57 The Notes “Songbook” C21

Shineysoul shoegazing Londoners The Notes unload this cutie on Felt Cat and blew through 11 tracks in about 2o and a half minutes, never really stopping to take a breath even between tracks. Unrelenting cloudrock amazingness dreams on all night. Edition of 34, April 2010

2. Awake

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