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Skymongrel Records 03: Maude Flanders “Puvvy Puzzy”


Heavy tribal explosive beats from the deepest jungles of Iowa City. Maude Flanders lays it down big ‘n beaty, two drummers and hhhuge-ass baritone sax and nothin’ but power backing all THAT up. Recorded by the genius Ian Williams like of course, get at this when yer at the top of your rope to get you even higher. Free download at their bandcamp page, but you know you wanna hold all this electricity on your hands

Maude Flanders – Puvvy Puzzy – 01 The Step



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Skymongrel Records 01: Techno Lincoln & the Technicolor Union star in: The Greatest Hits!

j card cover

Iowa City’s fooniest theatre-pop-funk-punk vehicle FINALLY got around to recording some tracks in March of 2013, they are all here with plenty of bonus material! The cassette version comes with one bonus song + a download code with all 8 bonus tracks (one of which is exclusive to the tape download!!), and the CD has the 8 tracks + 7 other live tracks from 2011 – 2012 with their ever-revolving cast. Who knows how many members this band had! Active from fall 2010 – summer 2013, a labor of love and the off-brand fun known as “Foon,” they played a number of lovely shows, especially haunting PS1, Pizza On Dubuque, and Shane’s basement. Made with lurrrrve. Get this compendium today!!

Foon Bop

Cassette (comes w/ free download + bonus tracks)


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