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FCR-48 Flesh Forest and the Elephant Only Zoo “T. Hawk” C11

Whoa, yeah, this sweet cassingle form the Massachusetts collaboration of FF and the EOZ slides around in a squashy vague and undefined space of indeterminate dimensions, shining forth on quiet quests in the deep wild nights. Edition of 35

1. Not a House / Polar

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FCR-46 DJ Dozibrion / Earth Incubator / snma / Julia LaDense “Gold Opportunities / Silver Slithers” 4way split C62

A 4way split slice of analogue from Iowa, Tennessee, Maryland, and Russia. Pretty drones, lip popping, and loads of found sound abound, all over the place here. Edition of 20, Feb 2010

A12. Earth Incubator – Drone noise wall

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FCR-38 Aisle “Gangsta Raptor” C26

Matt from Cedar Rapids! Good ol’ Matt from Cedar Rapids. Man, he’s always makin’ cool beats to sleaze ‘n bump to while walking in the middle of the streets at three in the morning, wondering how everything got so dang pretty all of a sudden. Edition of 25, Jan 2010

4. Xielcia

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FCR-35 Machine Daydream C30

Iowa City grooveman Brandon Kellogg lays down the thickest cuts in purply ooze, oily slixx. OOP edition of 10, Oct 2009
1. Ammunition
2. Conscious of consciousness
3. Someday soon
4. Demo (rock)

Zip file – FCR-35

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FCR-30 horsepital / Make Believe Bombs split C30

‘Nother Iowa City pair lay down thick chill sludge, summer ‘0000000009 stylings. OOP edition of 12, Aug 2009

1. Turtlesaurus
2. Sewer Surfin’
3. Beat Snow
4. Field Buzzcut
5. Kid DMT

Make Believe Bombs
1. She looks like Dustin Diamond
2. Pools of wonder, lost in love
3. Move like lightning

Zip file – FCR-30

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FCR-27 Your Yellow Dress “Orange County” C46

Orange County songsters lamenting their fair quarters with supersweet dense folk pop arrangements with a steadfast DIY streak. Cute and honest young men! OOP edition of 20, June 2009

1. Orange County (We’re nothing at all like the shows)
2. Palm Branches
3. Moss Street
4. Aliso Creek, Long May You Flow
5. When the swallows . . .
6. And the waves roll on . . .
7. Blackstar Canyon (Casa de la Llorna, or Where we massacred your people and started a Satanic cult)
8. The Santiago Fire (Rebuild and Regrow)
9. Saddleback Mountain, Long May You Stand Tall
10. The (un)happiest place on Earth and a tribute to the guitar companies of the OC
11. Everything Had Changed (In Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Rancho Santa Margarita, Santiago, Laguna Hills, San Clemente, Anaheim, Santa Ana and Irvine)

Zip file – FCR-27

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FCR-24 Lexi “April Songs” CDr

The last Lexi release, including a way slick recording at Strangebird Studio. Get down and get high for this, sweet yeah. Track 4 recorded in a sweet session at Strangebird Studios in Centerville, IA yo. OOP edition of 17, May 2009

1. The darkness is light enough
2. 4 / 30 / 09
3. Biking and boozing
4. They will find a hundred reasons to fall in love with you
5. 4 / 28 / 09
6. My body
7. Permanent girl + Parenthetical boy

Zip file – FCR-24

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FCR-21 Stephano Ponce / Lexi split C17

Devin Dart and Stephano Ponce (Orlando FL) met in Chicago in Oct 2007 and became grand ol’ pals and released this here split tape in early 2009. Folk punk, Arkanoid remix jam, and cheery pop meanderings, sweet yeah! OOP edition of 13, April 2009

Stephano Ponce
1. Bye again
2. Widespread (They would’ve never thought this could happen in Patchogue, NY)
3. Si no estas asi

1. Anton don’t need no words to speak
2. Please don’t throw away your jeans, let me patch them up for you
3. Shy hearts

Zip file – FCR-21

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FCR-20 Lexi “Everyone is Everything” CDr

Daardvaark Moltenboy in the form of way-lo-fi pop snowduneshowtunes. In the “Essential Felt Cat Listening Special CAT-alogue” or whatever. OOP edition of 24, March 2009

1. Yeah, I’d probably freak out if I woke up after a bender with ‘SPANGE’ tattooed into my pal in typeset, too
2. I smell a broooomaaaance!
3. A revisionist history of the life and times of Alex Conyers
4. I wanna be a millionaire
5. Love yer man
6. Eat the whole apple, man!
7. Oh, the things to find in alleyways, and everywhere
8. Fuck the poverty line, we’re doing fine
9. Happiness and terror
10. Are you free?
11. Everyone is everything

Zip file – FCR-20

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FCR-19 snma / Cosmic Charlie split C30

snma (Jay Schleidt) and Cosmic Charlie (Taterbug) of Iowa City lay down fresh grooves on melting plain white snow. OOP edition of 12, Feb 2009
Side A – snma “Andy Pink Blatch”
Side B – Cosmic Charlie “19”

Zip file – FCR-19

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