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Skymongrel Records 03: Maude Flanders “Puvvy Puzzy”


Heavy tribal explosive beats from the deepest jungles of Iowa City. Maude Flanders lays it down big ‘n beaty, two drummers and hhhuge-ass baritone sax and nothin’ but power backing all THAT up. Recorded by the genius Ian Williams like of course, get at this when yer at the top of your rope to get you even higher. Free download at their bandcamp page, but you know you wanna hold all this electricity on your hands

Maude Flanders – Puvvy Puzzy – 01 The Step



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FCR-79 Devin Dart / Bob Bucko Jr split recycled C60

Big ol’ split of some jammers from the jungle that is eastern Iowa. Devin Dart starts out with a soothing post-rock dish before venturing into weird-out psych-folk-looped-to-infinity climes, with an 8-minute noise dirge thrown in the middle for sick kicks. Bob Bucko Jr turns his head all the way around for some schizoid jazz and wandering guitar arias for the broken-necked. A tape for meditating towards negative infinity to. Edition of 20, March 2012

Devin Dart
1 Everything will become still, everything will reanimate
Bob Bucko, Jr
3 Naptime is for Deamers

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FCR-78 Lost Trail “October Mountain” recycled C60’s

Wandering around in the woods – choose your preferred time of day- lost but in a peaceful way, just wandering. Or just in your bedroom at night with only a small lamp on. Soothing pulsating drones and gently plucked folk guitar. The occasional swooping swelling jam-out out of nowhere. You know, the good stuff, all the way through. Totally solid 59 and a half minutes on recycled tapes of sermons from churches near and around Des Moines, IA in the 70’s and 80’s and, get this, comes in hand made pouches made back in 2010. Edition of 33, friends, February 2012

7. Aircrash on Static VHS

FCR-78 October Mountain

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FCR-67 Katrina Stonehart / House Paint split C21

Laid-back summerbreeze vibes from these Lawrence, KS roommies! Katrina glides the glitter glowfield for four solid jams, HP sails the stratospheric starry spaces in one long breath; both sides round out with a few minutes of haunthouse hum. A most beautiful and nostalgic chill for pound puppies everywhere. Edition of 33, July 2010. Can also be found in the Sweet Yeah! VHS Box

Katrina Stonehart
4. freesoup

PLUS lookit this new video for bugbite, shot and edited by Gabe Holcome

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FCR-60 TAKLAMAKAN / 0 split C62

Superstretched OMMM moments that spread their way to an hour of total huge bliss. Two fine sides with the constant thrummhumm of the Earth fucking at a rate of eight thrusts an aeon. Edition of 19, May 2010

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FCR-58 A. A. Kibanov “Trash Trash Trash Noise ‘n Roll” C26

“Post-noise” sez Gerauschkrieg! zineblog, “A. A. K. is outta his tree!” I sez! Edition of 11, April 2010

09 – последняя_таблетка

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FCR-55 Sasha Darko / Electric Typewriter / Noon on Neptune 3way split C62

WHOA<<< Ascendant slopes on all sides tunneling from your eyes! Sasha Darko is another Alexander Kibanov project so you know it rules already, Electric Typewriter is the new iteration of Kels Backyard, and Noon on Neptune is Patrick Clifford of Color Rabbit + Mark Palmer! All new bands from awesome dudes Felt Cat has previously released and this beaut absolutely does not disappoint. Wonderful in all directions, lost in space, space rock, deep space noise, oh man, just geez-wow. So good. Edition of 35, April 2010

4. Electric Typewriter – Polygon shaman

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FCR-49 Big Drum in the Sky Religion / Midwifery Pearl split C62

Loop drones with more than enough variation in a long meditation UMMMMM. OOP edition of 15, March 2010

Big Drum in the Sky Religion – Beng dreng in me skeng releng
Midwifery Pearl – Elle McNugget wombfruit cycles 1753

Zip file – FCR-49

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FCR-47 Teaadora “Sans Facade” recycled tape

Noise and creepfolk from the nomadic Teaadora, spreading bhudda on some overburdened toast. OOP edition of 14, Feb 2010

1. 1
2. Nuit
3. Serial Dating
4. Real drums, real American
5. Sans facade (untitled)

Zip file – FCR-47

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FCR-46 DJ Dozibrion / Earth Incubator / snma / Julia LaDense “Gold Opportunities / Silver Slithers” 4way split C62

A 4way split slice of analogue from Iowa, Tennessee, Maryland, and Russia. Pretty drones, lip popping, and loads of found sound abound, all over the place here. Edition of 20, Feb 2010

A12. Earth Incubator – Drone noise wall

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