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FCR-62 Sensible Nectar / Red Electric Rainbow “Gentlemen” split C62

Sensible Nectar throws it down so hard it fuckin’ almost breaks, but you know, in a “respectful manner.” Justin Lloyd is a gentleman, after all! Then Red Electric Rainbow swoops in and removes our burdens from our frames in an all-too-brief waxing and waning blisswave from the Heavenly Brain. Harsh and mellow, a . . . harshmellow, if you may. Edition of 33, May 2010

Sensible Nectar
1. Caressingly, visciously tumbling through pipes of regret

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FCR-60 TAKLAMAKAN / 0 split C62

Superstretched OMMM moments that spread their way to an hour of total huge bliss. Two fine sides with the constant thrummhumm of the Earth fucking at a rate of eight thrusts an aeon. Edition of 19, May 2010

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FCR-08 Boar “Seeing and loving what you are seeing” CDr

Noise from Dubuque’s vicious Boar in eclectic spasms of minimalism, drones, tribal beats, and harsh noise. OOP edition of 56, Feb 2008

1. A good family
2. Simple tools
3. Cold cave
4. Feeding
5. What’s coming from the basement?
6. Going nuts when no one is home
7. True family
8. Seeing and loving what you are seeing

Zip file – FCR-08

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