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Skymongrel Records 03: Maude Flanders “Puvvy Puzzy”


Heavy tribal explosive beats from the deepest jungles of Iowa City. Maude Flanders lays it down big ‘n beaty, two drummers and hhhuge-ass baritone sax and nothin’ but power backing all THAT up. Recorded by the genius Ian Williams like of course, get at this when yer at the top of your rope to get you even higher. Free download at their bandcamp page, but you know you wanna hold all this electricity on your hands

Maude Flanders – Puvvy Puzzy – 01 The Step



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FCR-71 Make Believe Bombs “Light Kingdom” CDR ((( + another move ! ! ! )))

New dank bomb from Devin Dart, five whoppers carpeting the ground floor of yer grain brain. Starts off whiff some pretty rock fumes, then spirals around the air around your head with some power-ambiance and landing softly on thee soil with a splash of weirdo jazz. Comes in some hand-made packaging, as is oftentimes the case. Word up dudes and dudesses. Edition of 20, Dec 2010

5. (Gonna find me a) Golden Glimmer

FCR-71 Light Kingdom

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FCR-68 Yana / Make Believe Bombs split C21 / recycled tape

Sept 1st —-> Startin’ with (probably. Most likely.) the most appropriate lost and found sound intro ever on JSchleidt’s Yanaside and goin’ til the sun fades away in gloryshine at the end of DDart’s MBBside, this tape has beats for your brain’s impending senility and some slick spacious pretty sounds to make that seem pretty okay. Each dood brought a ten and a half minute jam to the table. This one got tagged EasternIowaSplitSeries cuz both parties occupied Iowa City at the time of the recordin’, October 2009 sometime. I’m very glad these sounds finally burst through. Edition of 21, Sept 2010

Make Believe Bombs
Excerpt of Warm Snow Blanket Light


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FCR-32 Randy Carter & Devin Dart “More Explore” 3″ CDr

Taken from the same session as the split with Contraption, more loopy jazz, broke beats, stretched helicopter swoops, and tribal crashes blazing through sick soundwave space syrups. OOP Edition of 3, Sept 2009

1. exploration no. 2
2. exploration no. 3
3. exploration no. 5

Zip file – FCR-32

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FCR-30 horsepital / Make Believe Bombs split C30

‘Nother Iowa City pair lay down thick chill sludge, summer ‘0000000009 stylings. OOP edition of 12, Aug 2009

1. Turtlesaurus
2. Sewer Surfin’
3. Beat Snow
4. Field Buzzcut
5. Kid DMT

Make Believe Bombs
1. She looks like Dustin Diamond
2. Pools of wonder, lost in love
3. Move like lightning

Zip file – FCR-30

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FCR-28 Earth Incubator / Make Believe Bombs split C30

Russian Alexander Kibanov (EI) and American Devin Dart (MBB) race to space in a heated to-the-finish nutwrencher ! OOP edition of 14, June 2009

Earth Incubator
1. Where is exit to space?
2. Zero Tolerance
3. Singing Hoarses

Make Believe Bombs
4. You don’t have to feel anything but this
5. Psilly dreemz
6. Bad laugh

Zip file – FCR-28

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FCR-26 Make Believe Bombs “LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT” CDr

Soapy sounds from Bombs, recorded at Gretchen’s house in West Liberty, IA (thanks fer playin keys on track 1!), Strangebird Studios in Centerville, IA (tracks 3&4), and the Opera House in Iowa City, IA (rest). Tape version on Darbolistic Rex ! OOP, we both made 8 of our version though I think we both helped put each other’s together too since we were livin’ together at the time, May 2009

1. You will
2. Born restless and molting
3. 40 / xx
4. Irresponsibly affectionate people
5. Gray-lit hairbrained boy
6. Now is

Zip file – FCR-26

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FCR-16 Contraption / Randy Carter & Devin Dart split CDr

More eastern Iowa collabs throwing it down, this time participants include Contraptions Eric Rhon and Joe McNertney along with Make Believe Bombs’ Devin Dart and Aural Resuscitation Unit’s Randy Carter. OOP edition of 13, Dec 2008

1. Is something melting?
2. Something about misinformation

Randy Carter & Devin Dart
3. exploration no. 1
4. exploration no. 4

Zip file – FCR-16

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FCR-13 Make Believe Bombs untitled C30

Live jam at Magdalena’s Tea Shop in Lansing Michigan October 4th 2008 while on tour with Aural Resuscitation Unit and Boar – Randy Carter played percussion / Devin Dart played sax, bass, microKorg, loops, and effects / Alex Nowacki played found sounds, noise, loops, and effects. OOP edition of 24, Oct 2008

Side A – Maybe you are searching for something
Side B – Maybe you will find it

Zip file – FCR-13

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