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FCR-27 Your Yellow Dress “Orange County” C46

Orange County songsters lamenting their fair quarters with supersweet dense folk pop arrangements with a steadfast DIY streak. Cute and honest young men! OOP edition of 20, June 2009

1. Orange County (We’re nothing at all like the shows)
2. Palm Branches
3. Moss Street
4. Aliso Creek, Long May You Flow
5. When the swallows . . .
6. And the waves roll on . . .
7. Blackstar Canyon (Casa de la Llorna, or Where we massacred your people and started a Satanic cult)
8. The Santiago Fire (Rebuild and Regrow)
9. Saddleback Mountain, Long May You Stand Tall
10. The (un)happiest place on Earth and a tribute to the guitar companies of the OC
11. Everything Had Changed (In Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Rancho Santa Margarita, Santiago, Laguna Hills, San Clemente, Anaheim, Santa Ana and Irvine)

Zip file – FCR-27

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FCR-21 Stephano Ponce / Lexi split C17

Devin Dart and Stephano Ponce (Orlando FL) met in Chicago in Oct 2007 and became grand ol’ pals and released this here split tape in early 2009. Folk punk, Arkanoid remix jam, and cheery pop meanderings, sweet yeah! OOP edition of 13, April 2009

Stephano Ponce
1. Bye again
2. Widespread (They would’ve never thought this could happen in Patchogue, NY)
3. Si no estas asi

1. Anton don’t need no words to speak
2. Please don’t throw away your jeans, let me patch them up for you
3. Shy hearts

Zip file – FCR-21

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