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FCR-83 Velma and the Happy Campers “2013” C45

If you don’t relate to these sweetly sad songs by Gainesville, FL based singer-songwriter Velma and her Happy Campers, maybe you are not a real person?? 29 hand made tapes, like a bunch of them lost in the fucking post office. THANKS GUYS

FCR-83 Velma 2013

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FCR-78 Lost Trail “October Mountain” recycled C60’s

Wandering around in the woods – choose your preferred time of day- lost but in a peaceful way, just wandering. Or just in your bedroom at night with only a small lamp on. Soothing pulsating drones and gently plucked folk guitar. The occasional swooping swelling jam-out out of nowhere. You know, the good stuff, all the way through. Totally solid 59 and a half minutes on recycled tapes of sermons from churches near and around Des Moines, IA in the 70’s and 80’s and, get this, comes in hand made pouches made back in 2010. Edition of 33, friends, February 2012

7. Aircrash on Static VHS

FCR-78 October Mountain

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FCR-69 Heart Heart Julia / T rust split C21

Free folkers from the land of  Fuck, crawling over this wet earth straight into your ears like the sick slugsounds they are. Some serious slow jamz to lay down and curl up with. Way outside. Edition of 20, November 2010

T rust
Church goin

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FCR-63 A Poet Named Revolver “Live on WMTS” recycled tape

Now-defunct Tennessee sound band A Poet Named Revolver play five songs on WMTS in Murfreesboro, TN and bring it down home with some intense noises, folk-based in composition and instrument choice but going from heavy percussive rhythmic jamouts to quiet and hopeful and all the way back in the sphere of one damn SONG. Cerebral and immersive and versatile and just wonderful. Edition of 29, May 2010


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FCR-52 WhipCreamWars “The Pig Man’s Tower” C11

Crazygood outsider folkster Tanner Standridge from Indiana USA squeals out some genuinely fantastic tunes. COOL TEENAGER ALERT. OOP edition of 19, March 2010

1. Dirty underwear
2. Three closet girls, one stairway girl
3. Pig Man’s Tower
4. Stylophone Holly

Zip file FCR-52

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FCR-47 Teaadora “Sans Facade” recycled tape

Noise and creepfolk from the nomadic Teaadora, spreading bhudda on some overburdened toast. OOP edition of 14, Feb 2010

1. 1
2. Nuit
3. Serial Dating
4. Real drums, real American
5. Sans facade (untitled)

Zip file – FCR-47

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FCR-41 Heart Heart Julia “Broke-down busted blown-out blues” recycled tape

Blastarea fucked-up industrial folk and noise collages from the dense woods of Annapolis, MD. Truly ethereal and almost unreal ghosts’ songs played on weirdly recorded microcassettes in a hand sewn pouch with found garbage art and also handmade picturebook. A super good one. OOP edition of 10, Jan 2010

Side A
Side B

Zip file – FCR-41

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FCR-27 Your Yellow Dress “Orange County” C46

Orange County songsters lamenting their fair quarters with supersweet dense folk pop arrangements with a steadfast DIY streak. Cute and honest young men! OOP edition of 20, June 2009

1. Orange County (We’re nothing at all like the shows)
2. Palm Branches
3. Moss Street
4. Aliso Creek, Long May You Flow
5. When the swallows . . .
6. And the waves roll on . . .
7. Blackstar Canyon (Casa de la Llorna, or Where we massacred your people and started a Satanic cult)
8. The Santiago Fire (Rebuild and Regrow)
9. Saddleback Mountain, Long May You Stand Tall
10. The (un)happiest place on Earth and a tribute to the guitar companies of the OC
11. Everything Had Changed (In Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Rancho Santa Margarita, Santiago, Laguna Hills, San Clemente, Anaheim, Santa Ana and Irvine)

Zip file – FCR-27

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FCR-12 Make Believe Bombs “Iowa Public Radio” 3″ CDr

Make Believe Bombs jams from spring 2008 with opening jam being written and practiced live on the Bombs summer 2008 tour. OOP edition of 19, Sept 2008

1. Iowa Falls / Exira
2. Glenwood
3. Mt. Pleasant

Zip file – FCR-12

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