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FCR-58 A. A. Kibanov “Trash Trash Trash Noise ‘n Roll” C26

“Post-noise” sez Gerauschkrieg! zineblog, “A. A. K. is outta his tree!” I sez! Edition of 11, April 2010

09 – последняя_таблетка

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FCR-56 Make Believe Bombs / Dead Man’s Life Style split C26

Mountain top bliss, ethereal and airless. Edition of 25, April 2010

2. Dead Man’s Life Style – Real Persons

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FCR-55 Sasha Darko / Electric Typewriter / Noon on Neptune 3way split C62

WHOA<<< Ascendant slopes on all sides tunneling from your eyes! Sasha Darko is another Alexander Kibanov project so you know it rules already, Electric Typewriter is the new iteration of Kels Backyard, and Noon on Neptune is Patrick Clifford of Color Rabbit + Mark Palmer! All new bands from awesome dudes Felt Cat has previously released and this beaut absolutely does not disappoint. Wonderful in all directions, lost in space, space rock, deep space noise, oh man, just geez-wow. So good. Edition of 35, April 2010

4. Electric Typewriter – Polygon shaman

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FCR-53 Yana / Make Believe Bombs / Daytime Television / Julia LaDense “Hot Dog Party” 4way split C62

Why hello, it was nice to meet you at the Hot Dog Party last night, hope the wiener dish was delish. Edition of 11 with Darbolistic Rex and I Had an Accident also providing 11 copies of their version, April 2010

Daytime Television
11. Lovve

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FCR-49 Big Drum in the Sky Religion / Midwifery Pearl split C62

Loop drones with more than enough variation in a long meditation UMMMMM. OOP edition of 15, March 2010

Big Drum in the Sky Religion – Beng dreng in me skeng releng
Midwifery Pearl – Elle McNugget wombfruit cycles 1753

Zip file – FCR-49

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FCR-47 Teaadora “Sans Facade” recycled tape

Noise and creepfolk from the nomadic Teaadora, spreading bhudda on some overburdened toast. OOP edition of 14, Feb 2010

1. 1
2. Nuit
3. Serial Dating
4. Real drums, real American
5. Sans facade (untitled)

Zip file – FCR-47

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FCR-46 DJ Dozibrion / Earth Incubator / snma / Julia LaDense “Gold Opportunities / Silver Slithers” 4way split C62

A 4way split slice of analogue from Iowa, Tennessee, Maryland, and Russia. Pretty drones, lip popping, and loads of found sound abound, all over the place here. Edition of 20, Feb 2010

A12. Earth Incubator – Drone noise wall

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FCR-42 Color Rabbit “Snowdrift Constellations & Moon Landing” C62

Color Rabbit is Patrick Clifford who calls Northampton, MA home. This guy has been impressing me for a long time, especially his Darbolistic Rex tape from early 2009. I was pleased as punch to be able to release this C62 version of a CD put out by LittleFuryThings. Color Rabbit weaves wonderfully dense pretty music that swells and pops and really SINGS, ya know? Not quite pop, too chill for that . . . tribal rhythms sounding sweet as alll get out . . . Edition of 50,  Feb 2010

8. Breathing Snow


FCR-42 Snowdrift Constellations

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FCR-41 Heart Heart Julia “Broke-down busted blown-out blues” recycled tape

Blastarea fucked-up industrial folk and noise collages from the dense woods of Annapolis, MD. Truly ethereal and almost unreal ghosts’ songs played on weirdly recorded microcassettes in a hand sewn pouch with found garbage art and also handmade picturebook. A super good one. OOP edition of 10, Jan 2010

Side A
Side B

Zip file – FCR-41

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FCR-38 Aisle “Gangsta Raptor” C26

Matt from Cedar Rapids! Good ol’ Matt from Cedar Rapids. Man, he’s always makin’ cool beats to sleaze ‘n bump to while walking in the middle of the streets at three in the morning, wondering how everything got so dang pretty all of a sudden. Edition of 25, Jan 2010

4. Xielcia

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