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FCR-82 Velvet Glacier / Devin Dart split EP

Velvet Glaciers smooths you down with 7 songs that form his “Hanging Out With My Friends” EP. Devin Dart follows it up with 3 cute meandering jammers dubbed “Wilds.”

2. Wild Child


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FCR-76 Make Believe Bombs / Color Rabbit split C62

MBB / CRSome nightglow adventures await you on this near-hour-long ancient-astronaut art exhibit at your local tape deck or portable walkman. Make Believe Bombs spits out a single half-hour track to cover the first side, ranging from black-hole glittering rock sequences to brain melodies that float, to ambiance with loops in the emptiest space in the middle of all eternity. Ends hopeful and quiet / loud. Then, Color Rabbit comes in brimming with forever-optimism, more pop-oriented than usual maybe but still way into fun and improvisation, bringing a wide-eyed starry density overflowing with just . . . NICE ONE-ness. 8 solid tracks that alternately rock, build and grow from simple flute loop seeds, ice skate on the surface of your consciousness, and finally get you high and gently drop you back down to the ground. Wonderfull cup. The tapes themselves are painted in glow-in-the-dark paint and have full-color jcards and inserts, and, coupled with the larger volume than usual, explain the somewhat higher than usual prices I have listed. BUT IT’LL BE WORTH IT, this is a sweet and dank slab with some really varied styles. Hope you enjoy. Edition of 50, June 2011

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FCR-75 Big Sad’s “A Beat and a Bad Word” C13

FCR-75Lookit’em Big Sad tapes, all tied up with cool string in them 4″ planter pots and containing an art by DDart and a Sticker by Big Sad B! JUST LOOKIT, and LISSIN UP to the first track on side A, featuring Baby Jakey and DJ Dozibrion. I have two copies left, rest went to the Big Sads. SUPER LIMITED EDITION OF 12, May 2011

1. Music Stand ft. Baby Jakey & DJ Dozibrion

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FCR-72 DPRVTY / ARU “Two Slabs of Funky-Ass Ear Wax” split C62

One more fer the year WHY NAUGHT HUH! An even dirty-six for the year, finishing up with the dirtiest of em all, the meatsack DPRVTY and the visceral Aural Resuscitation Unit throw down on each side of a C62. One long jammer from each boy-o, sickening you with their second hand shitbaggery. Ending the year oh so wrong, just like you like it. Edition of 11, Dec 2010, CD version on Dubuque Strange Music Society!

I like numbers, and I was glad that I got to release 36 things this year, not only cuz that’s a cool number but cuz there’d only been 36 FC releases as of January of this year. So this is a lot of fun. Right awn

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FCR-59 RedSK “Forced cohesive reasoning followed by suicide” recycled tape

Follow the trail of sawed-off earholes to the Empty Palaces to the throneroom garden to this invisible hole of eclectic trash experiments from RedSK, on recycled tapes and in recycled packaging. Reused sounds, new remixes by friendlies, hella tight and invigorating randomness from Michigan. TOTAL TRASH SHIT GOLD THIS IS FOR REAL. Edition of 15, May 2010

3. Jah leave us in ghost town, child

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FCR-44 Illnathix untitled CDr

Alexander Kibanov playing spastic short bangs and spurts! Really eclectic and brief, blasting away at you brain deep. Edition of 22, Feb 2010

19. Sasha won’t give up!

FCR-44 Illnathix

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FCR-37 Earth Incubator & Lusia Spine-Tv “One Two Three” CDr (((1 LEFT)))

A single by Kibanov and Spine-Tv with an eclectic bunch of their pals remixing it. OOP edition of 16, Jan 2010

1. One two three
2. One two three (rmx by Toxic Chicken)
3. One two three (Infinite Equations version by RedSK)
4. Applecore d ‘n ‘n remix of One Two Three

Zip file – FCR-37

FCR-37 Earth Incubator & Lusia Spine-Tv "One Two Three"

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FCR-35 Machine Daydream C30

Iowa City grooveman Brandon Kellogg lays down the thickest cuts in purply ooze, oily slixx. OOP edition of 10, Oct 2009
1. Ammunition
2. Conscious of consciousness
3. Someday soon
4. Demo (rock)

Zip file – FCR-35

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