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FCR-68 Yana / Make Believe Bombs split C21 / recycled tape

Sept 1st —-> Startin’ with (probably. Most likely.) the most appropriate lost and found sound intro ever on JSchleidt’s Yanaside and goin’ til the sun fades away in gloryshine at the end of DDart’s MBBside, this tape has beats for your brain’s impending senility and some slick spacious pretty sounds to make that seem pretty okay. Each dood brought a ten and a half minute jam to the table. This one got tagged EasternIowaSplitSeries cuz both parties occupied Iowa City at the time of the recordin’, October 2009 sometime. I’m very glad these sounds finally burst through. Edition of 21, Sept 2010

Make Believe Bombs
Excerpt of Warm Snow Blanket Light


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FCR-66 The Men from . . . BEYOND!! / The Big SADs split C13

Rock ‘n roll HYPERACTIVE OVERDRIVE, brutal straight-up barebone slayings from the Beyondmen with some tangled-ill beats from those SuperDinoWizards the Big SADs! Shit yes to this! Also, superfuckinglimited cuz Greyhound lost my baggage somehow which had most of these tapes. So treasure this. Edition of “25” July 2010. ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE “SWEET YEAH” VHS BOX COLLECTION!

The Men from . . . BEYOND!!
1. The problem with Mars children
The Big SADs

4. Cocker ing

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FCR-53 Yana / Make Believe Bombs / Daytime Television / Julia LaDense “Hot Dog Party” 4way split C62

Why hello, it was nice to meet you at the Hot Dog Party last night, hope the wiener dish was delish. Edition of 11 with Darbolistic Rex and I Had an Accident also providing 11 copies of their version, April 2010

Daytime Television
11. Lovve

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FCR-34 Action Phantom / Yana split C46

Action Phantom (DDart + JSchleidt) haunts all of Schrodinger’s cats and Yana (JSchleidt) pees rainbows up a wax rope. OOP edition of 12, Sept 2009

Action Phantom – “That my ashes might float up the Nishna Botna”
11111 22222 33333 44444

Yana – “This Piss”
aaaaa bbbbb ccccc ddddd eeeee fffff ggggg hhhhh iiiii jjjjj kkkkk

Zip File: FCR-34

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FCR-10 Action Phantom / Boar split CDr / 2×3″ CDr

Brief spacey sound waves from eastern Iowa leaders – Iowa City’s Action Phantom (DDart+JSchleidt) and Dubuque’s Boar (Alex Nowacki). OOP edition of 20, July 2008

Action Phantom
1. The glorious path
2. Uh, fuck THAT noise
3. I am an old man and you are my daughter’s lover, I am an angry sea and you are a strong-willed navigator
4. This morning an old lady I didn’t know waved to me, and I smiled and waved back
5. Site of future apple trees

1. The outside
2. and all of the sudden sounds
3. that we think we hear
4. or see
5. or just accept

Zip file – FCR-10

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FCR-07 Carbon zine


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FCR-04 Make Believe Bombs / snma “Conversations with Kenneth” split CDr

The very first of many releases based around the music and collaborations of Devin Dart and Jay Schleidt, different interpretations of the same legends presented by Kenneth D. Hagen during a morning in August 2007 in Iowa City, IA. OOP edition of 24, July 2008

Make Believe Bombs
1. I’ve been taken to Heaven, I’ve been taken to Hell
2. One way or the other

3. After this had happened
4. Big philosopher
5. Change word
6. Church
7. Hard and good
8. My name is Kenneth
9. Out of body
10. Past

Kenneth D. Hagen
11. interview

Zip file – FCR-04

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