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FCR-80 “See It In Color” split C18 by Devin Dart & Thunder Bunny

This tape is for summer, homie. These bright spots will getcha out on your porch or general front yard region with some cheap beer and your best friends. For real. Five tracks of total dusk-adventure-dream-pop to put you in the mood. Devin Dart bangs away on two tracks with a shimmering bridge of pure light between them. Thunder Bunny starts his side slow and gooey, and finishes with the pop epic “Simple Days,” 5 minutes plus of warm and fuzzy rock ‘n fucking roll. This shit is just lovely. You will want this for those romantic drunk nights that will soon be every night. March 2012, edition of 53

1. Devin Dart – Antennae Tongue

FCR-80 See It In Color

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