“Pritty Girls On Acid” Aisle / Make Believe Bombs split C18

One track each from Arizona and Iowa in a cute little pouch put together by the Gilden God Tape Label fall of 2011, only 12 made

Aisle / MBB

Hi-5 For Bliss Boys / Pregnant Spore split C30

More Iowa weirdness from Jay Schleidt, Devin Dart, and Zak Neumann in the form of Hi-5 For Bliss Boys. Pregnant Spore from Maryland tops it off. More hand-assembled, low-edition goodness

Bliss Boys / Pregnant Spore

Action Phantom – “PAG, or, How weed love to lose a dusty yellow feather of we had Juan” C62 ((( 3 LEFT! )))
“AP is Jaybo Schleidt and Devin Dartimus. When the planned pan fails, the dead blakswirl speaks. One should listen 4 the soul burd is sneaking behind. No need 2 sort the wind, she nose where to go”

Action Phantom

Make Believe Bombs / Aisle of Few split C13 on the Gilden God Tape Label (((ONLY 1 LEFT)))

Devin as Make Believe Bombs dished up 6:22 of feel-weird-but-good synth-heavy rock’n’roll, and Jay/Brock/Matt Hex as Aisle of Few (formerly Aisle of View, Matt replaced Devin when D moved to Colorado again) creams on side B with two tracks of their own

Make Believe Bombs / Aisle of Few

Make Believe Bombs / Big Drum in the Sky Religion split 3″CD on A Beard of Snails Records
The very first release from Denmark’s A Beard of Snails ‘When I First Laid Ears On You” split 3″CD series! I’ve released Big Drum before so it was cool to be on this. Super limited!! I only have ONE LEFT!!

Make Believe Bombs / Big Drum

Make Believe Bombs – “M A G I C K C O L O R V I S I O N Q U E S T” C13 from I Had an Accident Records
3 chilled out refreshments on this 13 minute tape by Devin Dart put out by Justin and Julia o’er in Annapolis MD, I GOT TWO LEFT PEEPLE


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