Bone us SOUNDS

S W E E T Y E A H Summertime Funtime VHS Box Collection!
FCR-65 Thunder Bunny “This Hateful Thing” C62

FCR-66 The Men from . . . BEYOND!! / Big SADs C13

FCR-67 Katrina Stonehart / House Paint C21

Old VHS box filled overflowing with tapes, art, and stickers! 3 super releases from summer 2010
4 MADE /// 0 LEFT

{ ((((( ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ))))) }

<—– Felt Cat Spring and Summer 2010 Mix Download!!! —–> Zip file
One track from each release on this huge diverse collection !!
Spanning FCR50 through FCR67 (sans the two-30-min-track FCR60 TAKLAMAKAN / 0 split), you get a way weird and eclectic idea of the smooth sounds about town. E N J O Y

{ ((((( ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ))))) }

Live @ The Opera House August 5th 2008 ———> Zip file
({( Performances include Big SADs, Joe McNertney, Lexi singalong,
Perpetual Dusk at Curtsy Caverns, and Cat Reis )})

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