FCR-20 Lexi “Everyone is Everything” CDr

Daardvaark Moltenboy in the form of way-lo-fi pop snowduneshowtunes. In the “Essential Felt Cat Listening Special CAT-alogue” or whatever. OOP edition of 24, March 2009

1. Yeah, I’d probably freak out if I woke up after a bender with ‘SPANGE’ tattooed into my pal in typeset, too
2. I smell a broooomaaaance!
3. A revisionist history of the life and times of Alex Conyers
4. I wanna be a millionaire
5. Love yer man
6. Eat the whole apple, man!
7. Oh, the things to find in alleyways, and everywhere
8. Fuck the poverty line, we’re doing fine
9. Happiness and terror
10. Are you free?
11. Everyone is everything

Zip file – FCR-20

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