Skymongrel Records 01: Techno Lincoln & the Technicolor Union star in: The Greatest Hits!

j card cover

Iowa City’s fooniest theatre-pop-funk-punk vehicle FINALLY got around to recording some tracks in March of 2013, they are all here with plenty of bonus material! The cassette version comes with one bonus song + a download code with all 8 bonus tracks (one of which is exclusive to the tape download!!), and the CD has the 8 tracks + 7 other live tracks from 2011 – 2012 with their ever-revolving cast. Who knows how many members this band had! Active from fall 2010 – summer 2013, a labor of love and the off-brand fun known as “Foon,” they played a number of lovely shows, especially haunting PS1, Pizza On Dubuque, and Shane’s basement. Made with lurrrrve. Get this compendium today!!

Foon Bop

Cassette (comes w/ free download + bonus tracks)


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