Oh man you guys, a lot’s going down, like Felt Cat has ended! But Devin Dart has not!

There are still totally tapes you can buy though! Anything in the Purchase doodz section juuuust to your right is completely available for sale. There are two other additional tapes in there as well, I have just been busy with other projects and Felt Cat started being less of a priority and just never got around to updating the website. Not to mention, since I’m gonna be trying to consolidate my shit, I’ll be throwing in random shit for each order just to try to get rid of as much as I can, so expect extras and goodies when you snag something.

Which so, yeah dude, I just felt it was a good time to lay down the ol’ name. Really, just the name. For a variety of reasons mostly personal, I jest felt that FC hadn’t been my main interest for a while, my goals and ambitions for running a label have changed since FC was my main priority, and I should just move on with similar yet I hope to be improved ventures.

ANYWHOSE, I do have two rad fun-timey bands I am in, The Men from . . . BEYOND!! and Techno Lincoln and the Technicolor Union, the former of which has a tape out VERY SOON on my roommate’s label and the latter of which is almost done recording our EP in our drummers’ basement! If you like surf-sludge antics or theatrical pop funk, lend an ear to them for a minute. A Techno Lincoln tape is gonna be the first release on my new label I Tapes You and then we will see how it goes from there, k? Thanks fer bein a pal

=^. .^=

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