FCR-10 Action Phantom / Boar split CDr / 2×3″ CDr

Brief spacey sound waves from eastern Iowa leaders – Iowa City’s Action Phantom (DDart+JSchleidt) and Dubuque’s Boar (Alex Nowacki). OOP edition of 20, July 2008

Action Phantom
1. The glorious path
2. Uh, fuck THAT noise
3. I am an old man and you are my daughter’s lover, I am an angry sea and you are a strong-willed navigator
4. This morning an old lady I didn’t know waved to me, and I smiled and waved back
5. Site of future apple trees

1. The outside
2. and all of the sudden sounds
3. that we think we hear
4. or see
5. or just accept

Zip file – FCR-10

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