FCR-73 Live in Iowa City 6way PLUS Reissue of FCR-52 WhipCreamWars “The Pig Man’s Tower” !!

WHOA DUDES, it’s been kind of a while, but here we are, checking out the live release if a shitload of Jay Schleidt’s live expeditions, as FCR-73 plus the reissuing of a personal fave Whip Cream Wars tape, since Tanner is getting a full band together to get ready to go on tour around parts of the midwest! I will post tourdates as soon as he gets them to me because you WILL NOT wanna miss that shizzzz, I swear it!

I am gonna be mailing all of the edition-of-9 Live in Iowa City tapes to Jay and all of the reissue of the Whip Cream Wars edition-of-15 tapes to Tanner, so DON’T ASK ME FOR EM, go straight to the source


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