FCR-72 DPRVTY / ARU “Two Slabs of Funky-Ass Ear Wax” split C62

One more fer the year WHY NAUGHT HUH! An even dirty-six for the year, finishing up with the dirtiest of em all, the meatsack DPRVTY and the visceral Aural Resuscitation Unit throw down on each side of a C62. One long jammer from each boy-o, sickening you with their second hand shitbaggery. Ending the year oh so wrong, just like you like it. Edition of 11, Dec 2010, CD version on Dubuque Strange Music Society!

I like numbers, and I was glad that I got to release 36 things this year, not only cuz that’s a cool number but cuz there’d only been 36 FC releases as of January of this year. So this is a lot of fun. Right awn

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