FCR-65 Thunder Bunny “This Hateful Thing” C62

The Thunder Bunny glides on glimmergold! Chris Padula from New Jersey crafted some lung-shaped rockers that breathe for you – ethereal and pixie-dusty, glossy-eyed and smiling huge and bathed in gray sunlight at the snowy beach with your bestest pals in the world. This huge collection boasts TWO COMPLETE EP’s with “. . . there is a gate” on side A and “The other children of this quickly passing winter” on side B. Each side has a new track as well, ya golddigger, you! Edition of 29 June 2010, sorry no downloads since other labels are sellin’ the stand-alone versions of each EP also! Can be found in the Sweet Yeah VHS Box as well

1. Paint a Golden Stick

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