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FCR-70 Aisle “Chakra Pricks” 3″ CDR

YEAH BABE, the new sweetness from Cedar R-R-Rap Ids, Cloudberry rips a new one for 12 and a half full-on minutes. No download dis time cuz there only bein’ 2 tracks and all, but this is legit. Swoopin all down yer spine with gentle beats and soft knives in yore eyes. Little beats to meditate to, come get a viscious hug bro. Beautiful, man. Edition of 30, Dec 2010

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FCR-69 Heart Heart Julia / T rust split C21

Free folkers from the land of  Fuck, crawling over this wet earth straight into your ears like the sick slugsounds they are. Some serious slow jamz to lay down and curl up with. Way outside. Edition of 20, November 2010

T rust
Church goin

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FCR-68 Yana / Make Believe Bombs split C21 / recycled tape

Sept 1st —-> Startin’ with (probably. Most likely.) the most appropriate lost and found sound intro ever on JSchleidt’s Yanaside and goin’ til the sun fades away in gloryshine at the end of DDart’s MBBside, this tape has beats for your brain’s impending senility and some slick spacious pretty sounds to make that seem pretty okay. Each dood brought a ten and a half minute jam to the table. This one got tagged EasternIowaSplitSeries cuz both parties occupied Iowa City at the time of the recordin’, October 2009 sometime. I’m very glad these sounds finally burst through. Edition of 21, Sept 2010

Make Believe Bombs
Excerpt of Warm Snow Blanket Light


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FCR-67 Katrina Stonehart / House Paint split C21

Laid-back summerbreeze vibes from these Lawrence, KS roommies! Katrina glides the glitter glowfield for four solid jams, HP sails the stratospheric starry spaces in one long breath; both sides round out with a few minutes of haunthouse hum. A most beautiful and nostalgic chill for pound puppies everywhere. Edition of 33, July 2010. Can also be found in the Sweet Yeah! VHS Box

Katrina Stonehart
4. freesoup

PLUS lookit this new video for bugbite, shot and edited by Gabe Holcome

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FCR-66 The Men from . . . BEYOND!! / The Big SADs split C13

Rock ‘n roll HYPERACTIVE OVERDRIVE, brutal straight-up barebone slayings from the Beyondmen with some tangled-ill beats from those SuperDinoWizards the Big SADs! Shit yes to this! Also, superfuckinglimited cuz Greyhound lost my baggage somehow which had most of these tapes. So treasure this. Edition of “25” July 2010. ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE “SWEET YEAH” VHS BOX COLLECTION!

The Men from . . . BEYOND!!
1. The problem with Mars children
The Big SADs

4. Cocker ing

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FCR-65 Thunder Bunny “This Hateful Thing” C62

The Thunder Bunny glides on glimmergold! Chris Padula from New Jersey crafted some lung-shaped rockers that breathe for you – ethereal and pixie-dusty, glossy-eyed and smiling huge and bathed in gray sunlight at the snowy beach with your bestest pals in the world. This huge collection boasts TWO COMPLETE EP’s with “. . . there is a gate” on side A and “The other children of this quickly passing winter” on side B. Each side has a new track as well, ya golddigger, you! Edition of 29 June 2010, sorry no downloads since other labels are sellin’ the stand-alone versions of each EP also! Can be found in the Sweet Yeah VHS Box as well

1. Paint a Golden Stick

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FCR-64 The Men from . . . BEYOND!! “The baddest one-chick hit squad that ever rolled into town” C13 (((1 LEFT)))

BANG ALL THE OLD WHITE DUDES N KILL THEIR COKED OUT WHORE WIVES, move to new town, REPEAT. The Men from . . . BEYOND!! are that shotgun blast bringin’ down Whitey, surfing through the air to shatter yo face, bitch ass. Edition of 25, June 2010

4. I wanna live

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FCR-63 A Poet Named Revolver “Live on WMTS” recycled tape

Now-defunct Tennessee sound band A Poet Named Revolver play five songs on WMTS in Murfreesboro, TN and bring it down home with some intense noises, folk-based in composition and instrument choice but going from heavy percussive rhythmic jamouts to quiet and hopeful and all the way back in the sphere of one damn SONG. Cerebral and immersive and versatile and just wonderful. Edition of 29, May 2010


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FCR-62 Sensible Nectar / Red Electric Rainbow “Gentlemen” split C62

Sensible Nectar throws it down so hard it fuckin’ almost breaks, but you know, in a “respectful manner.” Justin Lloyd is a gentleman, after all! Then Red Electric Rainbow swoops in and removes our burdens from our frames in an all-too-brief waxing and waning blisswave from the Heavenly Brain. Harsh and mellow, a . . . harshmellow, if you may. Edition of 33, May 2010

Sensible Nectar
1. Caressingly, visciously tumbling through pipes of regret

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FCR-61 Make Believe Bombs / SPERMWHALES split C30 (+ some recycled tapes)

On Side A of this oil slide MBBombs carves some crafty sound spheres with driven melodic updrafts, some harnessed and controlled pretty keyboard loops, and a quietly sonic noisey outro. SPERMWHALES turns it around and keeps the vibes set to —–>Fresh Food Chill with gentle melodies flowin’ with the River of Alltime. Mammals in the skie, and dismantled bombs buried. ‘N just lookkit that pouch! Edition of 21, May 2010

2. F.E.B.

Reviewed here by some foxy folks

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