Baby Teeth Thieves was originally started in February of 2006 by Cassandra Leigh Kaufman and Oscar James Bishop III with the Manatee Blood Demo which included the songs "I Growl In The Morning and Meow At Night", "The Biggest Backyard", "I Think You're A Bird Brain" and "A Wasp's Wing Interlude". In August of 2006 the band expanded to 5 members, adding Devin Lamp, Jeremi Clyde Morris, and Daniel Greene.
The songs written by Bishop and Kaufman have sentimental qualities which every listener can relate to. Their lyrics also sometimes sound like they were meant to be read to child going to sleep, while still maintaining a certain intimate dementia.

Currently they're working on finishing their first EP as a full band which will be released by Sauce Juice.
-Songs included:
I Growl In The Morning And Meow At Night
A Wasp's Wing Interlude
The Biggest Backyard
I Think You're A Bird Brain
Build Me A Boat Sailor Jerry
Hard Candy Moon

"Lation is this thing we believe in, Don't search but you will find, Lation Inside"
-Sauce Juice, November, 2007

An article written about Baby Teeth Thieves is here. (click)

They love playing house shows, if you got a house and you want them to play in it, dont hesitate to ask. For booking contact Trey at

Manatee Blood EP
I Think You're a Bird Brain
The Biggest Backyard
I Growl In the Morning and Meow At Night
A Wasp's Wing interlude

Casey Kaufman- cello, lead vocals
Oscar Bishop- guitar, lead vocals
We Used the Legs of...
Build Me a Boat

Casey Kaufman- cello, lead vocals
Oscar Bishop- guitar, mandolin, lead vocals
Devin Lamp- 12 string
Jeremi Morris- bass
Chad Corgan- piano
Danny Greene- drums

Casey Kaufman and Trey Bishop have known music longer than they've known each other. They met in the fall of 2004 and became fast friends. They both are foreigners to murfreesboro, Casey is from Lousville,KY and Trey is from Hattiesburg, MS. After kindling a friendship they began to make music together in 2005, they would improvise on short chord progressions with little limericks and prose that they spat each other until they finally recorded something. Casey and Trey are involved with other projects as well. Casey is in The Ascent Of Everest and Cj Boyd Sexxtet, and Trey is a member of Paper Mind and The Dead Hippies.

They have now finished their first EP called Manatee Blood and would like everyone to enjoy it. If you would like a copy let them know by messaging them your address and they'll send you one for free ( for now ) but if not enjoy the tunes they have here until then.


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